Puppy Charm and Skills Classes SAVE $25!
SAVE $25 and start your new puppy off on the right paw!  

Attend up to 4 weeks of Puppy Charm School in Lake City or Mukilteo and then you and your pup are ready to graduate up to our  Puppy Skills/STAR Life Skills Class in either our Lake City,  Kenmore or Mukilteo locations. Skills classes are 6 weeks set consecutively with a start and finish dates. The class is one hour per week on Wednesday night at 7 PM in Kenmore, on Thursday night at 7 PM in Lake City and Saturday mornings in Mukilteo.  

Puppy Charm School is a modular class (start any week) for young puppies up to 16 weeks of age. We recommend you start as soon as your pup's first vet check is done, providing the fecal sample clears and your pup has one round of appropriate shots and is proclaimed "healthy!" While we introduce some "obedience" training in class, the focus of the sessions is on puppy development, socialization and problem prevention class

The Skills classes are the next step for your puppy as they reach the 4 months and older stages of life.  All Skills classes include manners, socialization, Q&A, pproblem prevention and training class with a curriculum covering the beginning basic "obedience" cues, working around distractions and supervised, interactive play off leash. 

So we invite you to join us and take advantage of this special $25 savings during the most precious and developmentally important stages of your puppy's brilliant future! 

Can't wait to meet you at class! 

Items Included:
Puppy Charm School Lake City
Combo Puppy Skills/STAR and Life Skills, +, Life Skills, Puppy Class, Puppy/Adult Skills/STAR
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