Personal Trainer
Six hours of private training... regular price of $690 for only $525.00!


Get hands-on, expert advice, training instruction and behavior problem solving! Your Personal Trainer will come to your home for an initial 2-hour visit* and 4 hours (up to 4 additional sessions) of in person follow up**on a schedule that works for you!  


We help you to set goals and determine a customized, easy-to-follow program for behavior management as well as training to your specific needs and goals.


First session is 2 hours of intensive interview and evaluation with your whole family.  Customized management and beginning of training with exercises for you to do daily between sessions. 

Follow up sessions can be made in one, one and one-half or two hours in length each session.   You receive lots of helpful, constructive instruction on obedience skills, problem solving, socialization, etc. as determined in the initial consultation or as needed.  Sessions may be held in your home or at designated meeting areas such as parks, pet stores, hardware stores, nurseries, etc. to access the distraction of other dogs and people as well as overcome & prevent fears.  

*Extra charges may apply if session extends beyond 2 hours; this will be discussed with you as we approach the 2 hour mark. We understand that some time is initially spent in greeting and getting to know each other and do our best to be fair and honorable in how we account for time.


**Training is sold in units of time, not sessions. In other words, until we meet the 6 hours of training which includes the Initial Consultation and actual time used in follow up sessions. Please feel free to ask how much time you have left in your package at any time along the way! 


Additional time beyond 6 hours is available at a discounted rate.

Items Included:
Initial Consultation
One-hour follow up
One-hour follow up
One-hour follow up
One-hour follow up
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